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Our Story

O.C. Østraadt has been operating in Norway since 1873. For most of our history we have been in the construction industry, clay plant, cement piping and more.

In 2015 owner Ole Chr. Ø. Idland decided to retire in Spain. 

However he did not want to retire completely, so he purchased Finca La Roza Alta S.L. It is being run with a formal business administrator, Lawyer Pedro Hernandez-Carillo Fuentes in Granada, whilst father and son live on the farm. Dad is responsible for overseeing projects like the dam, seen above, and restoration of the house, as well as building stables for our horses. 

Son is in charge of olive oil production along with civil agronomist Javier Rivas. Jr. also takes charge of sales and new technology such as this website.

Below you our team: Ole Chr. Ø. Idland Sr. with the hat, Jr. in the green vest the and Sergio our foreman.

Farmers Illustration

Our team

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