This Season's Produce 

Everything we do is done with utmost care. This year we made a exquisite blend from ripe and green olives. That is ripe in color. Green in flavor. Certificates available upon request.

The oil is a mix of nevadillo blanco and nevadillo negro. 
This second variety is very popular locally, in mountains of Montoro. Like the nevadillo blanco it gives a bitter and complex taste. It is also highly beneficial for your health. It is all in the antioxidants and our oil has a phenolic count of 518/mg, where phenol is used to the describe the unique features of olive oil antioxidants. 

Our latest oil has been described as full with 

It is a green in flavor and aroma with a medium high intesity of fruitless. In aroma the oil reminisces of olive leaf, fresh herbs, tomato, green banana, flowers and dry fruit. 

In flavour we meet the same sensations, a clean oil, sweet in the mouth, lots of almond. It can be described as complex and interesting. 

Bitter and pungent with a hint of chili towards the end. 

We hope you will like it!

Finished Product